One Word for 2014

The last day of 2013 is upon us and I find myself strangely relieved.

While this year has been incredible in so many ways, it has also been full of heartache.

This year will forever be marked by the welcoming of our baby girl into our family and by the final goodbye that I said to my Daddy.

“From life’s first cry…

…to final breath…

…Jesus commands my destiny.”

I will never be able to sing these words again without the bittersweet reminder of my baby girl and my dear Daddy. But the refrain of “Jesus commands my destiny” is one that has become significant in my life this past year. I chose “faithful” for my One Word in 2013 and I am thankful that I did. Because as I have sought to be faithful, I have seen how faithful the Lord has been to me. He has given me strength I didn’t know I had. He has given me blessing beyond what I deserve. He has healed the broken spaces. He has held me close.
As a result, the only word I feel compelled to choose for 2014 is BRAVE. I do not choose this word, because I want to see what I can do or to make decisions that will show you how amazing I am.
I am not amazing in myself. I’m not. And there is a freedom in recognizing this. There is no pressure to be amazing. Choosing to be faithful has shown me that I don’t have to strive to be noticed or to work harder just so I can feel like I am “good enough” (whatever that is!). 
No! Jesus commands my destiny. And so I choose BRAVE because it is my desire to walk in the destiny he has laid out for me. Being BRAVE is about truly trusting His plan for me and walking in it.
That’s it.
My One Word for 2014. BRAVE.