Try Something New Thursdays~ Art Journaling

PicMonkey Collage (1)

A friend asked me when I started art journaling, specifically writing out Bible verses in a creative way. I told her about how I had started doing this with Gibson in our devotion time- we read a story and then draw a picture/art journal our response. I have been adding verses to the pictures. I kind of love the creativity behind it and the way that drawing a picture makes a scripture passage and verse memorable.

But after I thought more about her question, I realized that I have actually been doing this for years now. It started when my oldest was about 6 years old (she is 11 now!) and I wanted to help her memorize scripture. I started writing out verses in creative ways. The most memorable verse was Galatians 5:22, 23- the Fruits of the Spirit verses. The walls of her bedroom were the canvas.

 When friends of mine started posting pictures of gorgeous pages with Bible verses or quotes on them and calling them art journals, I was intrigued. Their creativity was truly inspiring, but I didn’t expect to join them. I was simply appreciating their skill.

And then…

…then a woman in my Bible study asked us what she should do with her old Bible. She was no longer able to use it, because it was in poor condition, but she didn’t want to simply throw it away. I immediately thought of a million different ways I could use her Bible and so I asked her if I could have it.

I picked up some Mod Podge and Artist’s Loft Canvas Panels and started creating.

Photo: Embracing art journaling! #inspired

I really had no idea what I was doing, but decided to find the verses I wanted to use in the old Bible and use those pages as the back drop for each creation. As I was working, I decided to do a Bible art journaling search on Pinterest. I spent a LONG time looking at the incredible pages that I found.

And I left even more inspired if that is possible.

Art journaling is like scrapbooking without a deadline. It is the opportunity to create, when one feels like creating.  This was always my downfall with scrapbooking- feeling like I couldn’t keep up with albums and stay “current”. But art journaling? It combines all of the things I love about scrapbooking without the pressure.

Can you see why I love it? The opportunities are endless. There is no “perfect” in art journaling. It is simply allowing your creativity to come out.

The best part is that when I try something new, like art journaling, I find that I inspire others.

In typical Becky fashion, I did not do research before I started this project, so there is so much that I am discovering I have to learn. Things like acrylic paints and Gesso. Using plastic cards and wax paper. Finding the perfect markers and colored pencils.

I have started an art journaling Pinterest board , but need to add to it. I would love to add your creations to my board for more inspiration if you are further down this road. I find it all fascinating.

And that is what trying something new will do!