You Know You’re a Mom if…

A few days ago, Lisa-Jo (another one of my favorite bloggers!) shared a post about 100 Ways You Know You’re a Mom and then invited us to add any that she missed. I have been contemplating these things at all hours of the night as I have been feeding and snuggling my newborn.

My perspective on parenting a newborn this time around is very different then it was the first three times. This time, I have a tween girl and two boys and while they love their baby sister, the challenges are different.

So, these are the things that I would add to Lisa-Jo’s 100 Ways list.

You Know You’re a Mom if…

1. …you find yourself dusting Lego sets

2. …you could add spontaneous songwriter to your resume

3. …you wish you had pursued a degree in law, because your children have mastered the art of arguing and negotiation

4. …you make pancakes every Saturday

5. …you are an expert at planning stay-at-home date nights

6.  …you buy a Barbie camper with your birthday gift card

7. …you have been asked “are they all yours?”

8. …every time you sweep, you come up with a new collection of army guys, Legos and nerf bullets

9. …you have received unsolicited parenting advice from total strangers

10. …your parenting abilities have been questioned by those closest to you

11. …you have been known to play movies for your kids just to hear their laughter

12. …you have learned how to knit, so that you could make purse goody bags for your daughter’s 4th birthday party

13. …you are left undone when you nuzzle soft baby skin

14. …you know where every elevator in the local mall is located

15. …you are willing to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to get your kids into a great soccer program

16. …you have learned how to put your daughter’s hair in a bun that won’t fall out as she dances

17. …a date with your son is a night at the local high school’s musical

18. …you have cried ugly tears when you discovered that your child is the only one that didn’t get invited to the party

19. …your kids love Pinterest, because you use it whenever they want to try something new

20. …you overhear your oldest yelling at her siblings and realize that she sounds just like you in your not-so-fine moments

21. …you overhear your children encouraging one another to be like Jesus and you realize that they sound just like you in your finer moments

22. …you have discovered that the secret to getting your kids to try new foods is to have them make it themselves

23. …you have successfully convinced your children that only Daddy will change batteries

24. …laundry and dishes are on your to-do list every single day

25. …you LOVE that you get to be a child all over again without anyone questioning you

26. …you have climbed all the way to the top of the play gym to rescue your toddler

27. …your child has not been timid in using the sharpie marker that they discovered

28. …you have learned to manage your pride AND your embarrassment, knowing that both will be present in an accurate portrayal of your mothering abilities

29. …you have learned when you pray with and for your kids to pray that Jesus would change their hearts, because while “good” parenting is important, only God can change them

30. …you have called poison control

31. …you have spent an anxious night in the emergency room

32. …while you always love your children, there are times when you don’t like them

33. …you are in love with their idiosyncrasies

34. …you understand the language that they use and have erred on the side of not correcting them, because you love the way that they speak so very much

35. …you have drawn all of the planets in their orbits around the sun with chalk

36. …you have let your children paint your pregnant belly

37. …you know how to calm their biggest fears and to kiss away their hurts

38. …you have been brave enough to answer the tough questions

39. …you find yourself saying “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” on a regular basis

40. …you tell your kids that you are tired of hearing “I’m sorry” and just want them to obey

41. …you have tried things that you never imagined you would try out of love for your kids

42. …your schedule is determined by naps, feedings and pick-ups/drop-offs

43. …you have to charge your tablet frequently because your kids enjoy playing games on it

44. …one of your favorite times with your kids is when you are all snuggled in bed reading through a chapter book together

45. …you have road trips down to a science

46. …you are fully aware of your own inadequacies and understand that it does indeed take a village to raise a child

47. …you have learned to view life through the eyes of a child

48. …you love family movie night complete with Daddy’s homemade popcorn

49. …you laugh at countless jokes that are just not funny

50. …you wouldn’t change your role as Mommy for the world

What would you add?