On Being a Satisfied, Small Blogger

I was listening to a podcast the other day over at How They Blog (hosted by my favorite “podcaster”, Kat Lee. Moms, check out her podcast at Inspired to Action!). Kat was interviewing Erin Odom from The Humbled Homemaker blog and as I was listening, I was struck by the fact that I have been blogging for the same amount of time as Erin has~ 3 years. While she has had enormous success in the blogging world, I am still considered a “smaller” blogger. My stats are insignificant by Google’s standards.

It raised some questions for me. Have I not been working hard enough? Should I be promoting my work more? Do I need to network in a different way? These are the tempting questions that come into my head and heart when I start to compare.

I had to shut those thoughts down! Instead of trying to figure out an answer to all of those questions, I started to think about the path my life has taken over the past three years. In that time, our family has moved between states, my husband changed positions from associate pastor to senior pastor, I was blessed with a surprise pregnancy, we welcomed our fourth child into our family, and my Daddy passed away. I could write an entire book about each of those things, but suffice it to say, it has been a busy, blessed and bittersweet three years.

A part of me would love to be able to tell you that I have achieved my blogging goals, that my blog has grown by leaps and bounds and that I am able to generate an income from my blog, but this is not the case.

And so I am asking myself different questions instead. Am I putting effort into the things that God has for me right now? Do I believe that God is the one who determines my steps? Am I being faithful to the relationships God has brought into my life (friends, family, our congregation, fellow bloggers, mastermind groups, private facebook groups)?

The answer to all of these questions is YES which means I am a success!

As I have been listening to friends who have succeeded in the blogging/book writing world, I am hearing a similar theme. It is not all it is cracked up to be! Gone are the days of being able to interact with readers. Critics are as prevalent as fans. The book may be published, but the sales are low due to a lack of promotion.

I am fully convinced that my God knows what is best for me. And so, I will trust Him to continue to direct my paths and I will follow where He leads. In His time, in His plan!

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