100 Things My Daddy Taught Me

This coming Father’s Day will be my first without my Daddy. I could write about how much I miss him or the heart wrenching moments. I could tell you that I still feel his loss acutely.

Instead, I want to focus on the things he has taught me. His legacy, his impact goes beyond the grave. And I am eternally grateful!

To all the Dads out there~ be the kind of man that your children would be able to say these things of you.

Me and Dad

1. Take time for others.

2. You won’t be great at everything.

3. Appreciate the gifts that other people have.

4. Work hard.

5. Criticism will come. Learn from it.

6. Make up games for your kids.

Dad with Gibs

7. View God’s Word as a treasure chest.

8. Pursue passions.

9. Take long walks.

10. Try new things.

11. Give of yourself sacrificially.

12. Make up nicknames for your kids.

13. Memorize scripture (you should know more than your kids!).

14. Appreciate the beauty of creation.

15. Learn to do something simply because someone you care about enjoys it.

16. Discipline out of love.

17. Pastor’s kids can turn out well (although the verdict is still out on that one… 🙂 ).

18. Enjoy creating things.

19. Always take time to listen to your kids.

20. Pray continually.

21. Make up silly songs.

22. Embrace  your heritage.

23. Don’t live to please men; live to please God.

24. Be punctual (still learning this one, Daddy!)

25. Every person is important. They are made in the image of God.

26. Look at life as an adventure.

27. Face the things that scare  you the most.

28. Seek wisdom.

29. God is able to do the most in our lives when we are willing to surrender to Him.

30. God sure must love green!

31. Sometimes you should just play ping-pong.

32. Make people laugh.

mom and dad flying

33. If your way of living is unhealthy, change it.

34. Appreciate dirt running through  your fingers.

35. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be faithful.

36. Read, read, read!

37. Make memories with the people you love the most.


38. Conversations on the front porch with a glass of ice water are some of the very best.

39. You can never watch too much football.

40. Use your gifts freely and generously.

41. Find ways to make others smile.

42. Be diligent.

43. Put seat belts on your kids.

44. Teach your children to seek God’s will in their lives.


45. Trust God when your children actually leave.

46. Find a hobby.

47. Write, write write!

48. Let your family know how important they are to you. Often.

49. Understand that your life is a gift to those who love you. Treat it well.

50. Love Jesus!

51. Study the whole Bible. Repeat.

52. Let your children see you on your knees in prayer.

53. Admit your weaknesses.

54. Tell your kids you love them.


55. See sermon illustrations in every day moments.

56. Money does not determine happiness.

57. Obey those in authority over you.

58. Stand up for those who are oppressed.

59. Be good stewards of all that God has given you.

60. Tithing is an act of trust in God.

61. Don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought.

62. Love your spouse well.

63. Enjoy your kids.

Dad on bike

64. Go for family bike rides.

65. Be a safe place.

66. Run to Jesus.

67. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

68. Sometimes all you need is a big bowl of ice cream.

69. “In our inadequacy, Christ is sufficient.”

70. Be organized.

71. Discuss what you are learning with your family.

72. Teach from your own experience.

73. Your hard work will pay off.

74. God determines our steps.

75. Trust God to open the right doors and windows.

76. Understand that life is a series of seasons. Learn to be content in whatever one you are in.

77. Make traditions and celebrate them fully.

78. Sing, sing, sing!

79. Be good at what you do.

80. Make your kids proud.

81. Surprise others.

82. Be early to rise.

Sierra Exif JPEG

83. You can never spend too much time studying the Word of God.

84. Value the opinions of others even if they are different than your own.

85. Start each day with a cup of coffee and the Bible.

86. You will do things that your kids will never forget, so be intentional.

87. Teasing is good, but don’t be mean.

88. Take care of others, but also teach them to take care of themselves.

89. Demonstrate grace.

90. Teach your kids not to be selfish.

91. Competition can be a great thing, but only if it is done with love and respect.

92. Don’t compromise on the things that are important.

93. Be willing to compromise on the things that aren’t that big of a deal.

94. Read out loud to your kids. They will never forget it.


95. Don’t wait for approval before you pursue your goals. You only need the approval of One!

96. Only God knows how long your life will last. Live it fully!

97. Writing down your thoughts, recording yourself, taking pictures- these are not selfish things. They are a treasure to your family. Do that more!

98. Don’t miss the significant moments in the lives of your family.

99. Point others to Jesus. Live in such a way that He gets glory.

100. Live out what you believe and your family will be eternally blessed!

Dear Daddy,

I love you so much! Thank you for all of the lessons that you have taught me. You have left quite the legacy and I am so thankful.

Your Becky Buster