Daye-ly Grind

We happen to love coffee in the Daye household.  We enjoy it so much that my husband started roasting his own beans.  A good conversation is always better over a cup of coffee.

I wrote this post about how I used our coffee love to label blog posts that are written for and about my kids.  They are labelled by coffee sizes!

My Venti…



Lindsay is our firstborn.  She is endlessly creative- she loves to write, read, sing, dance, act and teach her stuffed animals, her brothers and any unsuspecting passerby.

My Grande…



Ethan is our middle child.  He is an inventor- he loves experiments, building machines, coming up with ways to make things easier, making forts to play in and being sensitive to the needs of others.

My Tall…



Gibson is our sweet surprise child.  He constantly makes us laugh- he says the cutest things, runs to give us hugs, pours on the charm, gives kisses freely and plays with abandon.

My Demi…



Our lives have been turned upside down with the birth of our youngest, Ainsley Rose. We all adore this precious little blessing. We love snuggling her close, giving her baths, reading to her and simply studying her beautiful face. We look forward to watching her grow!

My kids teach me something new every day.  They have taught me to look honestly at myself- at my selfishness, my pride, my insecurities and my relationship with Jesus.  I pray that they would fall in love with Jesus as they see His power at work in me.

Motherhood is a daily grind- and I wouldn’t want it any other way!