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Pancake Daye Favorite

Most Saturdays (at least the best ones) have a slow beginning. When we finally roll out of bed, we are cheered by the reminder that it is Pancake Daye! My husband makes coffee while I find the pancake recipe for the day. I am constantly on a search for the best ever pancake recipe. I think I found it today. […]

A Hobbit Party

My sister and her family were coming for a visit. They live in Kansas and we live in New York, so any time that we have together is precious. When I discovered that they would be arriving on my brother-in-law’s birthday, I knew exactly what kind of party we would have. A Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Party!!! Both of our […]

Food Fit for a King~ Sword in the Stone Party

Sword toothpicks are perfect for a Sword in the Stone party! You can stick them in grapes, in meatballs, in chicken nuggets, in strawberries. We stuck them in cheese cubes and this was a huge hit. In addition to cheese cubes, the birthday boy asked for strawberries, bananas, pretzels and fish crackers. When making party food decisions, it is always […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Thankful Recipes

I haven’t written a “Try Something New Thursdays” post in quite a long time.  And I wasn’t sure that anyone had even noticed. That’s the thing about blogging.  Sometimes it feels like I am just writing for myself and it can feel like no one reads what I write.  Occasionally someone will comment or I will receive an incredibly encouraging […]

When I am uninspired…

Lately my writing feels uninspired.  I have great ideas that are swirling in my head and then I go to write and there is nothing. It’s strange really.  I am on the verge of some incredibly exciting opportunities.  And I can’t wait to share them with you.  But I can’t quite yet. And maybe that is the problem.  I have […]