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Try Something New Thursdays~ Art Journaling

A friend asked me when I started art journaling, specifically writing out Bible verses in a creative way. I told her about how I had started doing this with Gibson in our devotion time- we read a story and then draw a picture/art journal our response. I have been adding verses to the pictures. I kind of love the creativity […]

My Lenten Journey

  I am fully aware that it is not Thursday. It has been that kind of week. Motivation has been elusive, but I am compelled to share this post and in this case better late than never is certainly appropriate. The Journey Begins Our family has always had many traditions that surround the Advent season~ the time leading up to Christmas. […]

Do You Want Your Kids to be Inspired? Be the Inspiration!

It took me a very long time to discover my passions in life. Probably 20 years longer then it should have. It wasn’t that I didn’t have passions. I did. But for a long time, I felt like my passions were sub par or not worth emphasizing. Some have thought this was due to insecurity, but as I have grown […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Timers

Try Something New Thursdays~ Because Life Should Be Lived With Intention I love tradition. I always have. But when you always do what you have always done, life can get stuck in the comfortable (and might I suggest mundane?). I want to live my life embracing change. “Try Something New Thursdays” is my commitment to living life with intention. Every […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ A Book Review

On Christmas Day, I opened a present from my sister. As I pulled off the wrapping of “The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness” by Tim Keller I knew what I would be doing after all of the presents were unwrapped, the baked oatmeal was eaten, the toys were being played with and the baby was napping. I grabbed my new journal and purple ink […]